Iron Removal

Remove Iron From Your Home's Water

Removing iron from your water is important. Water containing iron can stain your plumbing fixtures, porcelain surfaces, cooking utensils, and dishes, and leave reddish-brown discolorations on your laundry. 

Water with iron can also stain your walls and floors when the water is used for cleaning purposes. What's more? Drinking water with a high iron concentrate can give your water an unappetizing metallic taste.

It can be tough to tell if iron is present in your water, but removing iron is as easy as calling Kirby Water Conditioning to install the Iron Curtain in your home.

Functioning of Iron Curtain 

Mineral-rich water is forced through an aeration tank which converts dissolved minerals such as iron, manganese, and sulfur into physical particles.

Untreated water is forced through the head of ozone in the top of the tank which converts dissolved minerals such as iron and manganese into particles.  Sulfur and iron bacteria, common nuisance bacteria, are destroyed by exposure to ozone.

Particles are filtered as the water moves through the filter bed and out to service.

The ProMate 6 controller automatically initiates a regeneration cycle based on number of days or number of gallons through the system.  During regeneration the trapped particles are flushed to drain.  A fresh head of ozone is provided by the ozone generator during the regeneration cycle.

Get a FREE Estimate on Our Iron Remover

The Iron Curtain is the best iron remover in the water industry. Contact us today to receive a FREE estimate on this simple, effective, and economical iron filter, or download our Iron Curtain brochure, Iron Curtain Storm or the Iron Curtain Jr. Brochure to learn more.
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